Juliet Bishop
Marble & Clay, Charcoal & Paint

Juliet Bishop - classical marble sculptor at work

A classically trained figurative sculptor and accomplished watercolorist, Ms. Bishop divides her time between her studios in both the UK and the Massa-Carrara region of Italy where she works both independently and on commission. Her background, which can be seen in more detail on her CV and bio, includes extensive training and experience in the domains of watercolor painting, figurative drawing, clay modeling and stone carving, the latter in which she was tutored closely by the marble artisans residing in the villages and hill towns near Carrara, on Italy’s Tuscan coast. Under their watchful eye and guidance Ms. Bishop has been able to realize her figurative works using the techniques and skills employed through the centuries by the likes of past Masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Canova.

Having lived in the Carrara region for over 15 years working side by side with these peerless stone artisans, Ms. Bishop is now recognized as having the unique background and ability necessary to realize both the human and animal figure utilizing those century old techniques which remain to this day the most accurate, and yet most liberating, when transferring likenesses of original works in clay to that of stone.

On the basis of her background in stone and her highly developed skills as an artist and sculptor, Ms. Bishop was awarded a scholarship in 2007 to the renowned l’Istituto Per L’Arte e Restauro in Florence, Italy where she earned her Master’s degree in Art Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage and from which she graduated with high honors.

Her artful fusion of naturalism and lyrical grace within her figures and forms reflects a variety of artistic influences and her own end desire to imbue her subjects with a psychological immediacy, be it through the use of color and value in her paintings or the use of chiaroscuro through her drawings and sculpture. Her renditions of the human figure and portrait, as well as the animal form, have now brought her to the international attention of several art schools where she has been approached to give instruction in figurative clay modeling and stone carving and which, when time permits, she enjoys on a term basis between her commissioned works.

Her initial success as a watercolor painter of still life and portraits under the tutelage of master watercolorist the late Mario Cooper, led her eventually to the study of Artistic Anatomy and figure drawing concentrating solely on the rendering of the male and female form. From there she studied clay portraiture and figurative clay modeling under the esteemed portrait sculptor Martine Vaugel both in France and the US.

Desiring however to realize her figurative works from clay into marble Ms. Bishop then moved to Italy in 1993 and settled into the area around Carrara to immerse herself into the community of stone carvers and sculptors, learning the Italian language and even the dialect of the artisans themselves so as to better learn their techniques.

She is now established in both the UK and the US where she is selling her work now online and also privately from her studio in Italy. Thus far she has managed the sale of her art works without the representation of a gallery and therefore is able to better negotiate the value of her work without added costs. Most of her work has been sold directly while in progress from her studios or as commissioned by clients through word of mouth. Her list of clients and collectors is available upon request.
She invites you to browse her galleries here on site and welcomes questions and inquiries.

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